“Teaching is friendship” 

Jules Michelet

Languages for Fun was created to help both adults and children in their language learning journey, either to land a job, to succeed in school or to simply to integrate the local social life. After having spent a few years teaching in various language schools, I decided to open my own school and to approach teaching according to my beliefs.

Tailored lessons….

Students’ profile and learning abilities are different and varied. Thus, there isn’t a single teaching method that works better than others. Our teachers use different teaching methods according to the needs and the difficulties encountered by our students. We are convinced that teachers have to adapt with tailored teaching approaches. For this reason too, our classes are particularly small.

Teaching means adapting to the students’ needs….

Languages for Fun has one single objective: helping students learn.

But in order to be efficient, we are also aware of the importance of adapting to the client’s schedule. Within 24h notice, adult students can easily modify their days and times.

Last but not least, encouragement and fun are the key to our success!