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Meet The Team

Our experienced and mother-tongue teachers help both adults and children in their learning journey.


"Fun learning is more effective!"

In charge of one-to-one teaching for adults. Esther is Swiss and teaches French, with qualified degrees. She lived in the US for 7 years and worked at an international school, where she was able to develop her international side. She also taught in companies and tutored children with homework.

Last but not least, Esther is in charge of the school management


Large experience in teaching French to children and young children through music, sign language, games and puppets. Specialised in teaching hearing-impaired, dyslexic, or children with high potential.

Expert for adults' DELF exam.

Suzanne is also qualified by the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris to teach medical and paramedical French. 


Dalila taught in France and Switzerland with more than 10 years of experience in private and public institutions. She can help you with any written material to proof-read it, dissertations, essays, or end-of-school work.

She also teaches students French as a second language and to help them prepare the DELF certification. She uses various pedagogical methods, adapted to her students' needs. She is trained with new technology, so it adds an important part to her teaching.

For her, teaching englobes many dimensions: pedagogical as well as the material used but most of all the human being.



Lucie is Swiss and has worked many years in American companies as an Executive Assistant.


She learned how to deal with people of different cultures and therefore has a broad experience and the ability to adapt to their particular needs.


She has been tutoring children and adults for several years in English, French and especially in German, which is her mother tongue.


The German language support provided to students varies from basic conversational German, preparing the Swiss Maturité, support to foreigners for their naturalization requirements and support to students wanting to sit for the Goethe diplomas / exams levels A1 through C2.


Marianna est diplômée auprès d'une université italienne (Istituto Universitario Orientale, en Octobre 2001), diplôme ensuite reconnu par la Suisse. Habilitée à enseigner l'italien aux étrangers et aux italiens. Plus de 15 ans d'expérience, avec des étudiants de tous âges et de tous niveaux. Passionnée par la littérature et la grammaire de la langue italienne, mon but c’est de m’adapter à l’élève que j’ai en face de moi.


Natasha is Celta-certified English teacher from Hastings. She has been teaching English to both children and adults for the last 3 years at Languages for Fun. Previous to this, Natasha has experience working with children of all-ages and has led young pre-school activity programmes for Tumble Tots, Ecolint camps, SEA Summer school and many more. Natasha uses various types of teaching methods and materials to cater for all types of learners.


Alexia Chan taught English as a Foreign Language in the U.K. after graduation from the University of London. she then embarked in a successful career in educational publishing, before returning to English teaching when she moved from London to Geneva in 2012. 


“Learning anything but especially a language should be fun and relevant “

Following her husband’s move to Switzerland she decided to focus her energies on her young family, raising them in a trilingual environment. She also pursued her long term ambition of teaching English. Armed with her CELTA certificate in 2005 she started teaching English first privately fitting it around her children’s schedule. With time and word of mouth  her teaching grew to include young learners, teens and adults. Since 2015 Inci has been teaching English at private language schools as well as from home to her individual clients. She has prepared students for many Cambridge exams from Movers, through PET, KET and FCE to CAE. Besides English she also tutors in Maths up to and including IGCSE level.


During his philosophy career, he had the opportunity to study all the steps of pedagogy in history and learn the theoretical aspects of it. Later, with the practices of a teacher he could give lessons to young students and then he discovered that he likes teaching and has talent for it.
During his Spanish studies, he learnt how to apply the communicative approach in teaching when the teacher encourages the participation in class in order to achieve a true communicative exchange. At the same time, those same students can see that they are learning, and this idea make them be proud of their results, they learn how to evaluate their own work.
Once he finished the studies, he was giving online Spanish lessons.

Oriol has been working in Moscow since 2013 where he was giving both group lessons in a private language school and private Spanish and Catalan lessons .
He learnt how to deal with people of different age (children, working men and women, older people), occupation and culture. Due to the great variety of groups and students, Oriol has a great adaptation to any group and student, evaluating their particular needs.