Meet The Team

 Our experienced and mother-tongue teachers help both adults and children in their learning journey.  



"Fun learning is more effective!"

In charge of one-to-one teaching for adults. Esther is Swiss and teaches French and English, with qualified degrees, such as DAEFLE from Alliance française. She lived in the US for 7 years and worked at an international school, where she was able to develop her international side. She also taught in companies and tutored children with homework.

Last but not least, Esther is in charge of the school management. 



Large experience in teaching French to children and young children through music, sign language, games and puppets. Specialised in teaching hearing-impaired, dyslexic, or children with high potential.

Expert for adults' DELF exam.

Suzanne is also qualified by the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris to teach medical and paramedical French. 



With 5 years of experience in personalized teaching with many different student profiles, particularly students with various disorders such as dyslexia, dysorthography or attention disorders, Nicolas seeks to adapt as much as possible to needs of its students in order to facilitate their learning. He specializes in tutoring and learning French as a second language. In addition to tutoring, he can also help students write end-of-year assignments. 'study, by giving them advice on the structuring and scientific argumentation of their work. Apart from tutoring, Nicolas has also worked in public education and in animation with groups of children and adolescents. For him, human contact is essential in teaching and he makes it a point of honor to build a relationship of trust with his students.





Pouvoir enseigner le français aux enfants comme aux adultes revient pour moi à partager une passion pour une langue riche et merveilleuse. Grâce à elle, c'est bien plus qu'un apprentissage qui est distillé. C'est une porte ouverte sur une autre culture et un moyen pour les " élèves " de découvrir de nouveaux horizons dans un pays qu'ils découvrent tout autant que sa langue. C'est un pour moi un privilège et un enrichissement de chaque instant

Hello! My name is Angélika. I am a professional French tutor and an accredited, by the International Center for Pedagogical Studies (C.I.E.P), DELF (A1 - B2) examiner.

My valid certification allows me to teach French as a foreign language in F.L.E.

For almost two decades I have been tutoring and preparing children, adolescents and adults alike for the challenge of  DELF exams, with an overall success.  

The multitude of my working experience, both in private and in public institutions such as the French Institut of Thessaloniki, made me capable of work under heavy pressure while opening my mind to new ideas which I incorporated into my teaching system.

Many hours of teaching I have passed along side younger children while tutoring them and helping them out with their school tasks.

I have a love for modern schooling approaches and I always want to fulfill my vision of an interactive, audiovisual lesson, without discarding the old classic values of traditional tutoring.

That’s who I am and there is what I have to offer you. What’s that? An absolute certainty for your success alongside with a flexible course program and additional Skype course in case you miss one.






Alexia Chan taught English as a Foreign Language in the U.K. after graduation from the University of London. she then embarked in a successful career in educational publishing, before returning to English teaching when she moved from London to Geneva in 2012. 


“Learning anything but especially a language should be fun and relevant “

Following her husband’s move to Switzerland she decided to focus her energies on her young family, raising them in a trilingual environment. She also pursued her long term ambition of teaching English. Armed with her CELTA certificate in 2005 she started teaching English first privately fitting it around her children’s schedule. With time and word of mouth  her teaching grew to include young learners, teens and adults. Since 2015 Inci has been teaching English at private language schools as well as from home to her individual clients. She has prepared students for many Cambridge exams from Movers, through PET, KET and FCE to CAE. Besides English she also tutors in Maths up to and including IGCSE level.




Natasha is Celta-certified English teacher from Hastings. She has been teaching English to both children and adults since 2016 at Languages for Fun. Previous to this, Natasha has experience working with children of all-ages and has led young pre-school activity programmes for Tumble Tots, Ecolint camps, SEA Summer school and many more. Natasha uses various types of teaching methods and materials to cater for all types of learners.


Melina Jones is a TEFL certified teacher with long experience of teaching English as a second language to adults and teenagers, and a strong background in primary English schools.

Having lived for 15 years with her expat family in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, she has successfully brought up her children in a trilingual environment and has a deep understanding of cultural awareness and diversity.

As a result of her own bilingual Italian/English upbringing, she has developed an early passion for languages and a strong desire to use her professional skills to teach foreign languages to today’s ever-growing international crowd. Her student-centred lessons are based on an effective mix of structured and fun learning.

My name is Giulia. I’m a bilingual (French/English) teacher, holding a Master’s degree from the Geneva University Institute of Teacher Education with a specialization in the primary years. I enjoy working with a diversity of cultures and backgrounds. I feel like an international and a local at the same time - they call me a "third culture kid", like many here in the Terre Sainte area. I was raised in Malaysia till the age of 11, then arrived in Geneva where I pursued my studies in the Swiss system. Life smiledon me and I had the opportunity to live in Singapore for 5 years with my husband and three children, which was an absolutely wonderful experience. We moved to Mies 5 years ago and my children are now well settled in the Swiss school system. 


I enjoy working for Languages For Fun because it offers me the opportunity to create fun and meaningful activities with the goal of engaging students in their learning.  I’m now teaching beginners English to young children (4 & 5 year olds) with the help of well-known stories, songs and games. I also offer help with school homework to any French-speaking primary students who need support and encouragement to stay motivated in their learning.





Marianna graduated from an Italian university (Istituto Universitario Orientale, in October 2001), then recognized by Switzerland. Qualified to teach Italian to foreigners and Italians. Over 15 years of experience, with students of all ages and levels. Passionate about the literature and grammar of the Italian language, my goal is to adapt to the student in front of me.



Lucie is Swiss and has worked many years in American companies as an Executive Assistant.


She learned how to deal with people of different cultures and therefore has a broad experience and the ability to adapt to their particular needs.


She has been tutoring children and adults for several years in English, French and especially in German, which is her mother tongue.


The German language support provided to students varies from basic conversational German, preparing the Swiss Maturité, support to foreigners for their naturalization requirements and support to students wanting to sit for the Goethe diplomas / exams levels A1 through C2.




My name is Gaby, I am from Mexico, where I lived half of my life.

I have more than five years of experience teaching Spanish to kids, teenagers and adults. Before teaching I worked several years at the Pharmaceutical industry as Market-Insights-Specialist. I hold an MBA and a Marketing Bachelor degree.

What I love the most about teaching is the contact with students and the opportunity to share with them everything about the Hispanic cultures. I like teaching and helping students to achieve their personal goals. With personalized sessions, pupils improve at their own peace by having fun and enjoying.

When we speak Spanish we feel closer to Spain and Latin-America; a list of countries where the weather is beautiful, with open and smiling people, full of culture and traditions and obviously… the Fiesta spirit!



Daniela is Swiss and grew up in the German part of Switzerland. After graduating in Finance and Marketing she worked in an international environment followed by further education in arts. Having experienced with her family several national and international moves, she is aware of the challenges that come along with helping children to integrate into new environments and school/education systems. Passionate about supporting children to explore their individual potential in new, creative, but also structured ways. Her experience in different learning settings allow her to be confident to share and to know that life is a constant learning process for everyone.



Marie-Claire a étudié l’allemand en faculté des Lettres à l’Université de Lausanne et de Zurich. Elle traduit en français des livres pour enfants et ados. Elle organise et anime aussi des camps pour cette tranche d’âge. 

Depuis près d’une quinzaine d’années, elle accompagne des élèves pour qui la langue de Goethe — ou la façon dont elle est enseignée à l’école — présente des difficultés. 

Des débutants aux gymnasiens, elle s’adapte à leurs besoins et à leurs capacités d’apprentissage pour les encourager et les faire progresser.